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29 October 2008

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It’s been a good week, all things considered.  This last weekend, I made it out to the Catalyst for a less-than-stellar Smiths night.  The bar was cozy, and I never even realized it was there.  However, other than Deanna and her crew, there was virtually no one there.  Ah well, it was nice to see them at least.  And I got to see the End Up that night too, which was beautiful inside.  You’d never guess from the outside.  Anyway, I had nice dinner with Jamie, ran a lot of errands, and just generally had a busy weekend in which I got a lot done.  And on one of those nights, I was up till 5am cataloging spaghetti western CDs.  I don’t know why other than that sometimes I get focused on a task and time and good judgment goes out the window.  Speaking of spaghetti, I also spent some time in the practice studio with my Telecaster over the weekend, and without a doubt, that’s the guitar to use for that sound.  I should have been using it all along!  I was matching Alessandroni’s tone pretty closely, if I do say so myself.

More and more, a new band project has been on my mind.  Many ideas floating around… just gotta pick one and go I guess.  As far as This Charming Band goes, we’ve been learning lots of new tunes (four in the last week!).  Our next show is the annual Thanksgiving show at Popscene… our fourth in a row, you may recall.  More details and a flyer to come, but in the mean time, go visit Popscene’s website to vote on our set list.  That’s right, we’ll be playing the songs you pick… or at least the top seven or eight vote-getters.

The weather had been nice for a while, and I got a couple of good walks in over the weekend.  In the past few days though, it got really cold, and I hear it’s supposed to rain for the next few days.  That means a potentially rainy Halloween!  Oh well.  I wasn’t planning on dressing up, and I think I’ll end up doing something quiet here in the city.  But I’ll do my best to be ready for action at New Wave City on Saturday!

I had a huge craving for chocolate-covered strawberries today.  Surprisingly, this is one of the few things I’m actually qualified to make in a kitchen.  Of course, I don’t have any chocolate, strawberries, or wax paper around here.  Or people to share them with actually.  How depressing!  OK, well… maybe I’ll just pick up a few for myself then.  Anyone know where to get them ready-made locally?

If I can get heavy on you for a moment… If you’re keeping score, my existential search continues.  In addition to trying to figure out what I want from life, there is a related issue that permeates the same areas of my consciousness and that is a vague fear of my own mortality (and that of those close to me).    I am transitioning from that younger phase of life where you sincerely believe, right down to your core, that you are invincible.  As part of my life re-assessment, I think I’ll need to face and come to terms with it.  Of course I’ve always known that my life is finite, but I’m not sure I ever really accepted it fully.  Death hasn’t been a big part of my life so far, and even just culturally I think we treat it as something dark and mysterious.  Compare that to other cultures where death is accepted to be a natural part of life.  Where traditions like Dia De Los Muertos help remove that taboo.  Ultimately every animal, every plant, every amoeba… every one of us will make that final transition.  Ideally, I would like to be able to view it and accept it as the natural and beautiful thing that it is, which may even serve to enrich my day-to-day life.  But truly accepting that most Zen of principles is not likely to be easy.  I’m about to start a philosophical book on the subject.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

OK, back to lighter topics.  Have you guys heard of the photographer Miles Aldridge?  There’s some nudity in there, so it may not be work-safe.  OK, so I’m not usually the least bit interested in the typical supermodel photo shoot type fare, but this guy does some really interesting work.  To be fair, a lot of it still is that typical supermodel boring shite, but there are some gems in there for sure.  Check out the archive too.

In case you weren’t sure, this is what’s wrong with America.  The fact that an ad like that is put out means that 1) candidates think that a ridiculous message will resonate with voters and 2) it probably will.  God help us.

And in case we don’t talk before Tuesday… don’t forget to vote!  And don’t be lazy and skip voting!  And above all else, vote YES on Prop 2!  And also NO on Prop 8.  And also probably NO on Prop 4.  And go ahead and vote for Obama while you’re at it.  🙂

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5 Comments to “J’Arrive!”

  1. If I had known you weren’t going to make the strawberries-covered-in-chocolate I would have said melting a snickers for dipping them in was a good idea.

    If you still yearn for the strawberries, we can take a walk at lunch and procure some for you.

    No on 8 is good, but what is the this “probably no” on 4 crap?? TOTALLY NO on 4!!!! I can explain more about the ‘why’ of it later, if you so desire.

    • Sorry… the “probably” was more for my linguistic flow. Definitely no on Prop 4. 😛 And whatever, stop questioning me on Prop 2!

  2. “…I was up till 5am cataloging spaghetti western CDs…”

    Hrmph! when we should have been on our long overdue IM session, you dirty pork chop!

    (did i sound like the bitchy boyfriend in that, or WHAT?)

  3. Yummy on chocolate covered strawberries! Just to remind you don’t forget about the time change Saturday night and set your clocks BACK. I wonder if that means an extra hour at NWC?

    These last two blogs have really made me do a lot of reflecting and questioning. Thanks and kudos to you!


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