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Panic on the streets of SoMa!

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9 Comments to “Panic on the streets of SoMa!”

  1. The Queen is Jessica

    E tu, Brute? Sadness! I’ve been suffering from panic attack for years. No me gusta.

    • Yes, I remember! And I didn’t really “get it.” But I do now. 🙁

      • The Queen is Jessica

        O-M-G! I cannot believe you remember that I heart that song. I used to force my dad to play it EVER SINGLE SATURDAY MORNING on the way to breakfast during my childhood.
        How cute!

  2. I remember my first panic attack like it was yesterday. I also felt the exact same thing as well plus mine was in my classroom full of students. I’m sure it was quite unsettling for them and hope I didn’t scar them. Had my first ambulance ride that day though.

    Teddy Bear Picnic is one of my favorite books. I like the Jerry Garcia version the most.

  3. Pistol Packin' Mama

    Oh no fun Ben!
    I remember my first panic attack, like you, I thought I was having a heart attack or dying or something. It was when I was working at starbucks I was in the middle of making a drink and all of a sudden out of no where, I cant breath, everything goes blury and I see little specks everywhere it was so scary. And I too got my first ambulince ride because of it.. no fun at all.

    • I can’t believe how many people this has happened to. I read a statistic that every year, 1 in 5 American adults has a panic attack!

  4. *sigh* i miss your family reunions!

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