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Seriously… you don’t hear that?

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3 Comments to “Seriously… you don’t hear that?”

  1. Maybe you should try acupuncture. It really does wonders and if it doesn’t help any, all you lost was about an hour with some needles in you. There are worst ways to spend an hour.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  2. I’ve got tinitus and I’m 18 bro. Playing in punk bands since i was 12, practicing in tiny rooms with amps turned up full, then gigging every weekend…playing every instrument don’t help either haha. Its got to the point where it keeps me up when i sleep…started wearing hearing protection now.

    You watched the film ‘It’s all gone pete tong’ ? It’s a film about a huge british dj who went deaf from the noise. He was a total drug addict, but when he goes deaf, he manages to beat mix with the vibrations through the floor. It’s so good.

    Peace, Owain

  3. Tinnitus suits you, my Mitts-tastic bear. Look at it this way; Pete Townshend has dealt with it. And he is in The Who!! That’s a cool ailment to have in common. At least you got your (for once non-butt) plugs in now and all is well….just try to not think about it.




    like, starting now.

    BEN! you’still about it.

    Shhh, baby bear, shhhh….




    What’s that ringing?

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