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Thank you, but no.

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3 Comments to “Thank you, but no.”

  1. 1. You guys have my vote!
    2. That’s sweet that your friends all showed up to support you at work too.
    3. I think you should get that sofa. It would look great in your place!
    4. Hey 5 more days till your big day!
    6. Oink! How’s the piggy?

  2. Batter Up!
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    Ben Dover’s
    The Fudge Factory
    Apply Within
    BEAR-ly Legal
    Man The Torpedoes!
    Cock Hudson’s
    Phil Ashio’s
    Shrinky Dink’s
    The Reacharound
    The Cock And Cock And Bull
    Holey Ground
    Toto’s (obligatory judy garland reference)
    Cock Knockers
    Your Bedroom

  3. this blinkered lush... (Joyce)

    aww, and me with no party affiliation! you’ld make a rockin’ prez! oh, and really, and “your,” bumper sticker on a lincoln? hilarious! Ha!

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