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Munich Hair Disaster, 2008

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Every couple of months, my hair gets wise to the way I try to brush it, and it starts rebelling.  I can never get too complacent with any method, because it will inevitably need to change once my hair is “trained” for it.  Anyway, I realized that for all its extra length these days, I haven’t really been getting as quality a pompadour as I feel I deserve.  This all came to a head (ha ha) the other night when I specifically took a shower and re-did my hair before going out only to find that is still looked like shit.  It occurred to me that I’d been using the same method for months now without throwing my hair any curve balls.  So I took drastic measures and brushed it in a completely different way and BAM!  There was the volume and height I’d been missing.  With my latest method, I can take full advantage of my hair length and produce everything from a well sculpted normal pomp, to a cartoonish Johnny Suede pomp (which you might just see at my upcoming shows).  There’s a new sheriff in town, bitches.  At least until my follicles get hip, and I have to change it up again.

This last weekend was pretty good.  Friday night, I grabbed some sushi with Colin, and randomly ran into Shel at the restaurant.  The three of us got dessert and discussed who among us was the biggest slut.  (Not surprisingly, it was not me.)  Then Saturday morning I met up with Anna and Sean in Pacifica.  I don’t make it out there enough… it’s a shame.  You know, less than five minutes from my house, you hit this beautiful coastline and within ten, you’re in this pretty little beach town.  The views there rival Ocean Beach!  OK, so then Saturday night was New Wave City.  Too much to type, and most of it is probably not even fit to share with the public.  The short version is that a lot of friends were there, they played way more Smiths and Moz than I expected, and just about everyone there with/round me was good and drunk.  I had a couple myself and found myself standing on one of the DNA Lounge’s pedestal/platform things, dancing up a storm, singing along with all the Smiths lyrics, and fighting off the hordes of people pawing at my legs.  (OK, well Colin and Shel at least.)  At the end of the night, we were in no shape even for Sparky’s.  It was a mess.  I got up late on Sunday and was feeling pretty anti-social, so I stayed mostly around the house with the exception of a few errands, and generally avoided contact with the outside world.  I think I needed that alone time.

A small digression to nerdy work-related stuff… you may recall that in most of 2005 and 2006 I was working as a consultant for a software company in the South Bay called Mercury (now owned by HP).  If you are in the software biz, you have probably heard of the Mercury product LoadRunner.  One of my old coworkers sent me this link to TuffRunner.com, which I guess is a spoof site created by one of Mercury’s old competitors.  It’s notable in that it’s pretty cut-throat, and it seems like a bold marketing strategy considering it the language and approach it uses.  It doesn’t exactly convey a message of “professionalism” on the part of the company behind it, and makes them look desperate (which they are, last I heard) more than anything… but it actually is pretty funny, assuming you’ve ever worked with LoadRunner.

So my friend Jonah is getting married this summer.  In Hawaii.  Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to make the trip to see it happen, but damn I wish I could.  He and I have literally been friends since birth, and though over the years our paths have diverged quite a bit (he moved to Japan for a while to teach english and learn judo), we’ve always remained close friends.  He is the short blond that appears to the left of me in this pre-school picture.  Ever my partner in crime in those days.

I think I’ve referenced my ever-growing “to do” list a time or two in my blogs.  Well, at times over the years, I’ve had to combine a few separate lists that have started to evolve independently.  These days, I do my best to make sure only one “master” list exists, but a few minutes ago, I ran across an offshoot list that apparently was last saved in May 2006 and has been untouched since.  It was filled mostly with things I had intended to mention in blogs and in some cases fully/mostly written blogs that I just never posted.  I will see about trying to filter these gems in over time.  We’ll start slowly, with just the following:

Am I the only one that ExplodingDog.com depresses the shit out of?  So sad!  🙁  The amount of emotion captured in those little stick figures is amazing!  (Historical Note:  At this time, I had just discovered ExplodingDog because Jessica was in the habit of posting some of those images as comments on my profile.  I just revisited that page, and it’s a lot fancier now.  But you can look back in their archives and see what was happening there in 2006 and get the idea.  Even the latest stuff looks good.  And I see now that he draws his pictures based on phrases that other people send him.  It’s the complete creation that moves me so much… the picture and the quote.  For whatever reason, I find it all brilliant.  And heart-wrenching.  My kind of sentiment.)

OK, that wasn’t so bad, huh?  More of that in the future, though I probably won’t usually bother to call them out as “long lost” blog items.  This NOS, as it were.

Before I go, a quick note for those of you in the Fresno area (Blanca comes to mind): our show for May 10th has been rescheduled and moved all the way out to July 19th!  I know it sucks, but sadly it’s due to circumstances beyond our control.  Don’t worry, we’ll see you in the summer!

And finally, the quote of the week comes from Jamie herself, hilariously reacting to my account of New Wave City last weekend:

“Let me explain something to you… you are much too old and lazy to be dancing on pedestals getting hyphy.”

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  1. Take a pic! I want to see your new and improved pompadour. Congrats on your friend getting married and I’ll go to Hawaii in your place. 😉 I don’t think your too old, (not sure about the lazy part :P) to be dancing on pedestals. Although I probably wouldn’t have done it but that’s because I would have been to afaid of falling off or not being able to get up/down in a ladylike manner not because of being too old.

    That was a great moment though!

  2. Pistol Packin' Mama

    I’m still weary on clicking on links…i have no desire to be rick rolled.

    i am happy you tought your hair a lesson, when i had my bangs i had those days and oh my gosh it was hell, if i had bad bangs i had a bad day. How sad that hair can control how you feel. and i dont know if you do this already, knowing how you are about cleanliness, but try washing your brush or comb you use and that can sometimes help.

  3. The Queen is Jessica

    Shit yo, if you won’t even attend your old best friend’s wedding in Hawaii, how on earth am I going to get you to Nicaragua? I think we were going to ask you to be in it! Hmph!

    Exploding Dog gives me the “punch in the stomach” feeling. Heartwrenching!!

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