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Jack Flack to Lady Ace. Come in, Lady Ace.

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5 Comments to “Jack Flack to Lady Ace. Come in, Lady Ace.”

  1. The thing is….in it’s early years Roxy got lumped in with the Glam’s more because how they dressed, not so much their sound. They really sound nothing like T-Rex, Gary Glitter, Slade The Sweet, etc….at least to my ears. Also unlike a lot of the Glam rockers, Roxy quickly moved on from that look…and within a few years Bryan Ferry became a lounge lizard and start wearing tuxedos onstage….a lot of this seemed to correspond to when Brian Eno left the band.

    Heheh….yer quote from “Dance Away” “yer dressed to kill and guess who’s dying?” Ferry himself said after he recorded that song he invisioned hairdressers cutting hair to it. Not far off from “dentist office” music at all, huh?

    The numerous Roxy greatest hits albums out there seem to focus more on the latter part of the bands career, when they become more “Euro Soul” and sounded nothing like the band that did “Virginia Plain” or “Ladytron” or songs about inflatible sex toys like “In every dream home a heartache”…..

    btw – I met Roxy Music drummer Paul Thompson in Union Square back in late 2002. He was on tour with Bryan Ferry and they were playing the Warfield that night. As you and some others know, Roxy is one of my all-time favorite bands….so I was a little star struck when I ran into Mr Thompson. So I see him and say hi…and then proceeded to do a “Chris Farely” thing….like that clip from SNL where he has a talk show and has famous people on it and he says a bunch of stoopid stuff. I was like “So when you guys played SF for the first time in 1972 where did you play?” Or even better, “Remember when you guys recorded that song called “Love is the Drug?” That was awesome…”

    So yeah….the glam thing with them was all about the outfits….not really the music, I think:

    Virginia Plain (1972)

    (Ladytron) (1972)

    Angel Eyes – 1979 (I think Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet both saw this video and lifted their whole look from it)

    On The Radio (1980)

    • this blinkered lush... (Joyce)

      Between You, Nick, and the copy of MOJO, I picked up… I clearly know NOTHING about music. I’m going to crawl into bed and go fetal now. Thanks.

    • Ah ha! Very educational… it’s all making more sense now. Thanks for the thoughtful lesson! 😉

  2. I vote for more “little looser” on stage!

  3. Pistol Packin' Mama

    teehee. you are welcome. i just love that song, the way Johnny did it… powerful, alot into it.

    Oh and i did not get a chance to call you back the other day, the kitty will be okay. Bonnie and I went over to their house and told them about the cat that went in their shed, it was theirs and they took her to the vet. Thank goodness! i was very worried for the little kitty. talk to you soon!!

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