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Stay Hungry

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3 Comments to “Stay Hungry”

  1. Oh Bubble Boy, I’m all vaklempt now. Stay hungry and you will be surprised and delighted… and there will always be brunches with me & The Captain.

  2. I love the whitest kids. That show is too funny.

  3. this blinkered lush... (Joyce)

    Someone once came in and asked me for a liter of frappucino… I sooo did not spell that right, but my brain is on the fritz and so I don’t care. I was a bit more fond of “Beerfest,” but that’s just my inner Lush talking. Hmm, if I recall correctly, we spoke about the boyfriend…
    Me; “Where’s your Boyfriend?” You; “…talking to some girl, but I’m not worried!” I move on… Good for you and your social butterfly ways!!! Old man indeed! =P I’m going to miss the House of Blues show… but will see you at the Blank Club on the 22nd! The Bay Krew shirts will be making their debut!!! Yay! That’s it for now. Cuidate!

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