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Oh holy shit…

15 November 2007

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I have other things including Arizona to write about eventually, but I’m tired and just wanted to get this out there.

I came home from Arizona on Sunday, and about five minutes into checking my email, my computer crashed and would not start again.  Needless to say, I had a psychological fucking meltdown (see below).  After running around like mad all night, I finally calmed down with a plan of action.  I am writing this from my computer, which I now have back.

Why did I have a meltdown?  Well, this probably isn’t uncommon in this day and age, but I absolutely live off of this thing.  Not in the sense that I’m on it all day, but in the sense that every picture, file, note, song, piece of writing, good idea, etc. going years back lives on my hard drive.  My life up till Sunday afternoon was on that drive.  Like an idiot, I’d been lazy about backing it up thinking this couldn’t happen to me.  My hard drive crashed with an actual hardware failure.  The computer I have back now has a new hard drive with a new Windows install which I will need to spend days reconfiguring and getting back the way it was.

But the number one King Kong mother fucker of it all is that my data is still potentially lost.  These experts downtown are currently running some kind of data recovery to save any and all files they can off the crashed hard drive.  Aside from the $260 it cost me to get my PC back as it is now, it is estimated to cost an additional $300-$500 to finish this data recovery they’re running.  And there’s no guarantee they’ll be able to save the specific files I’m most worried about.  So I wait to hear back… could take up to a week they said, but they might call any day.  To tell me they saved it all and I can give them $500 now.  Or to tell me that it couldn’t be saved.  And that I can still give them $500 now.

It’s amazing how whatever you had been worrying about or whatever was on your mind can just go out the window when a crisis occurs.  If this hadn’t happened, I wonder what would be on my mind right now?  And who would have thought a week ago that I’d be begging fate for nothing more than the opportunity to happily fork over $700+ that I don’t have to save data that was already mine.

Oh holy shit.  Shit shit shit shit shit.

Pray for me.

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  1. So Sorry!! 🙁

  2. hey body!!!if it`s not to late-don`t overpay it!!!i have a guy,he`s in love with comps,just bring it here,he is much,much cheeper,almost for free.call me,you have my nmb.it happaned to me 4 times.my simpaties…

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