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Let’s not kid ourselves

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I did my taxes tonight.  It was the easiest time I’ve ever had with them… I was done in 20 minutes.  Granted, my situation is pretty basic, and I may have rushed through a few things… look, maybe I didn’t say every tiny syllable, no, but basically I said ’em, yeah… basically.  Something tells me the “eFile” system is going to fail me, and I’m going to have to print some shit out and mail it.  Maybe I’m a whiny d-bag, but I consider that a big ol’ hassle.

Well it’s been a busy couple of weeks or weekends anyway.  Three wild shows and I’m just now finally recovering.  Here are some nice comments someone left out on the web regarding our recent show in Davis.  This person’s reaction to our shows… well, it’s pretty much exactly what we aim for.  We’re really evangelizing the music of the Smiths more than anything else.

St. Patty’s Day Weekend
Friday night I made it out to Santa Clara to see Sik Luv.  They were in the opening slot, which is ridiculous.  They’re so much more interesting to watch than 99% of the other pschobilly-by-numbers out there, including the Chop Tops who headlined that night.  Oh, and a local businessman who shall remain nameless drunkenly pushed  his way by, jarring both Sarah and I.  This almost resulted in a fight, but I ended up having to hold Sarah and Charlene back!  And then Charlene took it upon herself to spread the word and put together a makeshift army of support for us almost instantly.  Someone came up and apologized to us on behalf of the drunken fella, and all was well again… but damn, I’m glad these bishes are on my side.

Saturday was our big St. (Steven) Patrick’s Day celebration at the Blank Club.  A ton of friends showed up including Sus, Shel, Sarah, Charlene, Dori (and other Heathers), Amy, Elena, Jeannie, Erin and Jonathan, Christian, Tom, Dan, a bunch of others I’m forgetting to name and of course the Moz Krew and the Choir Boys.  The Moz Krew came all the way from SoCal in new green St. Patty’s Day Moz Krew shirts, and they helped us and the rest of the fans tear the place apart.  YouTube videos are floating around already…  Sarah, though her ankle was severely sprained the night before, still came out and screamed obscenities from a table towards the back.  We joined the Moz Krew for some late-night Denny’s.  I don’t know, like 12 of us.  There was lots of Axe body spray in use.  I was asked if I might want to use some on my guitar… gentlemen, gentlemen… you’ve seen how bishes react to the Les Paul as it is…

And then I had a perfect lazy Sunday guitar shopping in San Jose and pigging out at my new favorite sushi place (very creative and vegetarian-friendly) which is Mobo Sushi in Santa Cruz.

Last Weekend
Shel and I drove up to Sacramento on Friday afternoon, and met up with the rest of the gang.  We were all pleased to find that our hotel literally shared a parking lot with the club (Blue Lamp).  The DJ had made a good-sized backdrop for the stage featuring the flyer picture.  We had a nice sound check and had plenty of time to relax before showtime.  There was a great turnout, but this was the Choir Boys’ turn to take over.  They were front and center, joined us on stage to sing and dance (along with many others in the crowd), and even bought us drinks… there’s a picture of me doing a shot on stage mid-show… it will never see the light of day.  The Choir Boys had shirts of their own this time around.  They grabbed the mic and gave a shout out to the Moz Krew who was there with them in spirit.  Three of them came up and sang the coda to “There Is A Light” in Spanish.  (The Moz Krew sang some of this in Spanish too at the Blank, I have since been reminded!)  Another wild fuckin’ show.  Oh!  And an old high school friend I hadn’t seen in years just happened to be there too!  Crazy!  We went to a local hipster hangout afterwards to eat with the DJ/promoter… the place was called “Ink,” but we were all too tired and/or drunk to eat much.

Somebody came up to me between sets and told me two things that are worth noting.  First, apparently This Charming Band is mentioned in Chuck Klosterman’s new book in a chapter on cover bands?  He is probably best known for having written Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, by the way.  Second, the same guy had heard that compilation we’re on and found that our track and the Hooligans’ Spanish cover of “There Is A Light” were the two stand-out tracks.  He didn’t know who either band was though, so I explained the situation to him.  On a side note, didn’t someone else cover “There Is A Light” in Spanish years before the Hooligans did?  (UPDATE: Edgar of the Moz Krew informs me that this was Venezuelan singer Mikel that did this back around 1999.)

Then Saturday night was Fresno… let’s not kid ourselves, this is BFE.  I stayed in the worst hotel I have personally ever stayed at.  Among the problems were the gaggle of hookers walking the corner across from us and the filthy rooms we had… between the time I got out of the shower and the time I put my shoes on, the room’s carpet had made the soles of my feet black with dirt.  Sus and Shel found a french fry under one of their beds.  Erm… yeah.  The club itself (Club Fred) was actually great though!  A nice big stage covered with shag carpet.  Another great crowd of rockabilly car club types and Choir Boys.  Another well-played show and wild night of crowd participation.  And then there was the road trip back.  These band field trips have been a blast every time so far.

These wild shows, where folks are coming on stage with us, singing and dancing, and just losing themselves in the music… well it’s clear to me now that this was not just a fluke, but rather very much the norm for us.  I don’t know what we’ve tapped into that the other tribs* missed, but every TCB show is an absolute party, and they’re getting more out of control every show.  Some of Sus’ videos from these last two weeks are going up on YouTube.  Go see for yourself.

* “Tribs” is my new slang term for “tribute bands.”  That’s right, bitches.

Alternate 101, the South Bay’s new alternative weekly (or semi-weekly?) is finally hitting the streets this Thursday, March 29th.  This is going to be huge, and it features the writing of our own Sarah Klein.  A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this project from everyone involved… I can’t wait to see the first issue.  And actually, speaking of Sarah, she’ll be performing at this Saturday’s swanky ArtsFest.  If you can afford a ticket, come check out this massive showcase.  I know I’ll be there… but probably carrying stuff.

My guitar-buyin’ itch is back.  This time, I’ve got my eye on a genuine Gibson Les Paul to replace the Epiphone I’ve had this last year.  It’s served me well, and the one I’m looking at looks almost identical… but it should be better in every way, though I’ll admit the Gibson label is part of it.  But this is getting ridculous.  If I get another guitar, especially one as expensive as this, I really need to start selling off some of my less-used gits… the most obvious being the Epiphone Les Paul that I’d be replacing.

Orlando would support that decision.  So would Charlene.  So the real question is do I save my tax refund like I know I should, or do I immediately blow the entire sum on a new guitar?

Oh, I think you know the answer.

The sobering quote of the week comes from one of my favorite novelty books maybe ever, called Taxi Driver Wisdom.  On suits of armor:

“Men get successful to prevent ourselves from being hurt.”

Ain’t that the God damned truth.

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  1. It’s quite obvious that this…was apple juice.

    Uh, I ate a lot at “Ink”. Did no one else? Crap. It was just me.

    I’m going to ask you to de-click the [Buy It Now] option and step away from the mouse until you sell one of your other children first. Make a choice Sophie.

    Wanna hear a secret? Shel and I totally split the french fry we found on the floor of Motel 6. YUM. I’m sorry, what? Oh yes, Tekka and Maki’s ears just folded back as they heard your high-pitched scream all the way from your guitar-filled abode.

  2. The Queen is Jessica

    I just have to say…that even though I love you to death and bloody pieces, it makes me violently ill whenever I read about you buying a “new” guitar (what number are you on now?) when I am struggling to pay my bills! 🙁 JEALOUSY.

  3. ehhhhhhhhh….. brother,brother…now you have to deal with a eternal “guitar buying” sweet problem;I wonder will it ever stop?i wish not,otherwise i would be soooo desperate and my life won`t have meaning of exsistance.guitars…well like i told you at blank club i traded prs “ce22” for music man “axis”,and so far,i`m enjoying it.i had to unlock the stupid Floyd(which i don`t like-not my cup of tea),and it`s floating but it had to go up so tnow thee action is little bit hi.i still consider putting regular tremolo bar instead of Floyd.i still need some good piece of hollow body and God knows what else…ehhhhhhhhh…..brother,brother…

    Papa Moz is getting closer…we`ll participate?

  4. Moz Krew © The Official Website

    I’ll never wear Axe again. – Aaroncito.

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