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Let’s not kid ourselves

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I did my taxes tonight.

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7 Comments to “Let’s not kid ourselves”

  1. It’s quite obvious that this…was apple juice.

    Uh, I ate a lot at “Ink”. Did no one else? Crap. It was just me.

    I’m going to ask you to de-click the [Buy It Now] option and step away from the mouse until you sell one of your other children first. Make a choice Sophie.

    Wanna hear a secret? Shel and I totally split the french fry we found on the floor of Motel 6. YUM. I’m sorry, what? Oh yes, Tekka and Maki’s ears just folded back as they heard your high-pitched scream all the way from your guitar-filled abode.

  2. The Queen is Jessica

    I just have to say…that even though I love you to death and bloody pieces, it makes me violently ill whenever I read about you buying a “new” guitar (what number are you on now?) when I am struggling to pay my bills! 🙁 JEALOUSY.

  3. ehhhhhhhhh….. brother,brother…now you have to deal with a eternal “guitar buying” sweet problem;I wonder will it ever stop?i wish not,otherwise i would be soooo desperate and my life won`t have meaning of exsistance.guitars…well like i told you at blank club i traded prs “ce22” for music man “axis”,and so far,i`m enjoying it.i had to unlock the stupid Floyd(which i don`t like-not my cup of tea),and it`s floating but it had to go up so tnow thee action is little bit hi.i still consider putting regular tremolo bar instead of Floyd.i still need some good piece of hollow body and God knows what else…ehhhhhhhhh…..brother,brother…

    Papa Moz is getting closer…we`ll participate?

  4. I’ll never wear Axe again. – Aaroncito.

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