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Reach out and touch someone…

26 February 2007

CONVERSION NOTICE: This is one of 250+ blogs that originally appeared on MySpace. I’ve done my best to represent it with as much historical accuracy as possible, but there are limitations. Read about it in the FAQ.

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The high point of my weekend?

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5 Comments to “Reach out and touch someone…”

  1. oh, you drama queen! 300 pages? in what alternate reality? that was like 75, 100 pages top. in fact, i don’t think it even qualifies as a phonebook — it was more like a deluxe pamphlet…perhaps a particularly lengthy brochure.

    also, it’s not like i aimed for your dick. if a woman throws a phonebook at you, you’re supposed to, you know, DODGE! it’s not my fault you have the molasses-like reflexes of a caveman.

    also, what about the time you bloodied my nose? did i write a whiny blog about that? you bet your whiny emo ass i didn’t!

    <3 <3 <3

    • Of course you didn’t! Because then you’d have to explain that I bloodied your nose with my crotch! Or what about when I almost blinded you with a sock? Or scarred your leg with my talons? I may walk away from every weekend with some bruises, but I think I’m still winning the war. Don’t fuck with Ludo. 🙂

      • oh, you mean that time you bloodied my nose and then cried about it because you felt so bad for hurting me?


        • You can tell that lie as many times as you want. It doesn’t get any truer. You’re about one flippant comment away from earning your very own tub cobra.

          • * *Charlene DeeVille* *

            now now ,, do I have to seperate you 2…… and Ben it was a small book… Sarah you did fine falling on your knee and then falling off the toilet by yourself,, Doesnt Nick look cute in red lipstick on a bitchin cadillac 🙂

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