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It’s really laughable…

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… ha ha… ha-ha-ha ha ha… ha-ha-ha ha ha…

Over Christmas, I finally had the chance to watch the Mark Wahlberg flick “Rock Star” in its entirety.

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3 Comments to “It’s really laughable…”

  1. Ok, when there’s a street fight w/a band of Hooligans, I’ll be RIGHT behind you. Right behind. And by that, I mean more like off to the right and slightly behind you making sure nobody gets MY ICE CREAM CONE. In fact, why don’t I hold yours for you? Excellent.

    Now everyone I lunch with will realize that I say that a lot. Like after every meal. And hello, it hasn’t caught on. I mean sometimes I’m thinking of this:

    But you know, I am often thinking of an ice cream cone for me. And have yet to get one.

    It’s January 3rd. Nine days left to stalk Christina Ricci and get her to The Troubadour to be your biatch.

  2. I have a lot to say about this post! Good thing I finally subscribed to your blog.

    1. – I watched Rock Star on Christmas with my mom, good times. I love Marky Mark.

    2. – I can’t come to your show on Friday. =( You know I’m down to see you all the time now, and I have fully planned on attending.. but now I’m getting literally stalked by someone who saw me at your last show. Scary stuff. Details later if you wish.

    3. – I just made a post in my livejournal two days ago about all the movies coming out that I want to see, pretty much exactly matching your list.


    4. – Let’s go to the movies. It’ll be out 2007 Friendship Resolution.

  3. don’t pretend that you don’t enjoy being a rhinestone cowboy…

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