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Clear your dance card…

15 December 2006

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… because I’m coming home, and I’m here to stay.  I am never travelling for work again.  And though you’ve heard me say that a million times before, this time I can back it up.  I’ve handed in my two weeks notice (which is now half gone), and I’ve accepted a position in downtown San Francisco.  I’ll share the details later, but the important points are:

  • I will be based in downtown San Francisco.
  • I will be working within blocks of most friends and bandmates.
  • I will actually be working at the same company as some of them.
  • It’s a company I’ve been trying to get into for a while.
  • That’s right, bitches.

As if that wasn’t enough news for one blog (you can go back through my old blogs to count up the dozens of times I have mentioned hating business travel), there’s even more to report!

Our New Wave City show tomorrow is threatening to be our biggest yet!  We’ve done a ton of promo for it, not to mention it’s a major Smiths anniversary.  On top of all that, it’s a joint event between TCB and New Wave City which has its own built in audience.  And this is at a hot new venue.  The stars are aligning for this to be a hell of a night.  Our theatrics will be in high gear, and true to the anniversary set list, we’ll be unleashing some new songs including “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others” and “William It Was Really Nothing.”  I have an unusually good feeling about this show.  And I’m also unusually nervous for it.

How many of you attended Live 105’s Not So Silent Night last week?  Sus, Shel, Nick, and I all went, and we saw Peter there too.  The Killers, Shins, and Raconteurs all played, but they took a back seat for me.  I was there to see Modest Mouse and only then because of one man: Johnny Marr.  We pushed our way up close (I usually hate to do that, but I made an exception here).  I stood in awe watching my boy play.  No it was not like seeing the Smiths, but I was just happy to see him play in person period.  I like his swagger.  I may have to adopt some of those moves.

Afterwards, we got to talk to Live 105 on the air about seeing Johnny, and also Sus got me a short live on-air interview where I got to plug the band and what we do.  I neglected to mention the New Wave City show (damn it!), but I think plugging the band couldn’t have hurt.  I’ve heard from a few friends that they’ve since heard it all replayed on Live 105 commercials.

One last quick TCB note: we finished recording our track for an upcoming Smiths tribute compilation.  It’s due out in February I think, but I’ll be sure to let you know more as it develops.

So all this great news was sullied just a bit when Queen Aki took it upon herself to drop this news in my lap this morning.  The gist of it is that my ideal mate and dream girl, Christina Ricci, is more or less a defiant wearer of fur and that this fact has caused the webmaster of her biggest fan site to shut down.  This puts me in a tough place.  I do take that stuff pretty seriously, and my conviction is strengthening all the time.  And if I’m being totally honest, I’d probably villify anyone else in a heartbeat given this unfortunate news about them.  But then I think, conceptually speaking, wearing fur is absolutely no different from wearing a leather jacket, and some of my best friends and family wear leather.  Does that mean I should hate all of them?  And really, it’s not like I really know Christina as a person.  I might even hate her whole personality, who knows?  (Maybe someday I’ll get to find out for sure?)  But for now, I just think she may be the most physically attractive woman on the planet.  So the question of the day is: can you disagree so fully with someone’s beliefs and still want to hump them?

The answer seems to be… YES.

“Oh yes, you can kick me,
And you can punch me,
And you can break my face,
But you won’t change the way I feel…”

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2 Comments to “Clear your dance card…”

  1. too many wordsm and right now i am painstakingly writing this brief hello to indicate that i did. indeed read it.][[[[

    as you can tell my now, fingers are quite outside the realm of the executyve fuctions of my higher brain. they’re like small squabbling animals clacking at the keys (“i want this one 3333333333333333333333-NO, I WANT IT rweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…’ AND SO ON).

    to be quite honest with you right now, i am prescently under the influence of not one, not two, but three different chemicals which are having various strange interactions on the keyboard. in the dim light of my room, it looks like two small rodents scrabbling over food and who gets to push what button.

    what brutal ends we’ve come to to discover our true nature. at least in this painful hour…..

    in all honesty, benjamin, i have come to the conclusion tht i have absolutely no qualms whatsoever about trying new chemicals. these fucks really have NO IDEA what they’ve made.. the entire 80’s and 90’s was a collossal experimentation. i mean the thought that “we should have this brain thing figured out by now” even though we didnt, but fuck that and full steam ahead! the end can’t be far ahead if we just keep tossing out these DANGEROUSLY EXPERIMENTAL COMPOUNDS for PUBLIC INGESTION.


    lordy. someone needs to save me from myself. before my hands turn on me and rip me apart.

  2. The Queen is Jessica

    First of all, I want whatever drugs that guy who commented above me is on.

    Secondly, how can Christina Ricci be the hottest woman on the planet with dead reindeer carcass splayed all over her pasty white shoulders (as seen on the cover of that magazine)? That’s just disgusting, and I am not even a vegetarian. Not to mention that nasty mole she’s got near her boob. *shudders*

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