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Add It Up

7 December 2006

CONVERSION NOTICE: This is one of 250+ blogs that originally appeared on MySpace. I’ve done my best to represent it with as much historical accuracy as possible, but there are limitations. Read about it in the FAQ.

Current Mood: savage

God damn, it’s been a while.  So much has happened and yet, I’m not exactly sure what to write about.  I will surely leave a bunch out.  What can I say?  I should have been taking notes.  I was just looking through my past year-plus of blogs, and what a treasure it is to have those memories.  This is as close to a journal as I’ve ever had, and I’ve found it invaluable.

By the way, this is another “friends only” blog, but the time for that is nearly over.  Details on that in a moment.

I got to see Tenacious D a few weeks ago.  Though I had missed the Trainwreck show the night before (it turns out they cancelled  due to a flight delay anyway), I didn’t miss out after all.  Trainwreck is also Tenacious D’s backup band, though not in character.  Instead they were playing in “hell” with the band members dressed up as The Anti-Christ, Col. Sanders, and Charlie Chaplin.  For an encore, the D did a solo rendition of their classic “Fuck Her Gently” and then a full band medley of tunes from the Who’s “Tommy.”  It was a fantastic show, though I must say that it was perhaps the ugliest crowd I’ve ever seen.  I figure that Tenacious D must have some crossover with the Weird Al crowd.  It was a lot of very ugly and hyper teenage boys.  Yowsa.

We had a couple of great shows lately ourselves.  Despite an expectedly low turn out for our Santa Rosa show, the folks that were there were great!  The other two bands (For The Masses and Japanese Baby) had excellent sets, and we played well.  I think it’s fair to say the Smiths / New Wave scene in Santa Rosa is not huge.  Less than a week later, we were playing the Popscene “Meat Is Murder” Thanksgiving event.  Here, we had a huge turn out and had some great fans join us on stage for singing and dancing.  We’re hoping to have some mp3’s from that show up soon.

Actually, that reminds me: we just posted some new pictures and some new mp3s and videos on the site.  Check out those new Club London videos on YouTube.  Oh man, good times.

We have a great show coming up a week from Saturday at the famous (and ancient) San Francisco dance party “New Wave City.”  We’ll be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Smiths’ last ever live concert by performing their last concert’s set list in its entirety.  This means some new songs that you’ve never heard us play like “William It Was Really Nothing” and “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others!”  With NWC’s built-in audience and the anniversary here, I predict this will be one of our best shows yet…

I’m about to get militant, so I’m switching to army green.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I feel like tribute bands should capture the spirit and (for God’s sake!) the actual notes of the music they’re supposedly paying tribute to.  I know I’ve said it before, but there are several other bands out there… some of you are great!  But some of you are a disgrace to the music, and just because you’ve been around for years, doesn’t mean you’re the best.  Just the oldest.  I hear about your snooty attitude.  You thrived while you were the only kids on the block.  But now your fans actually have a choice,  and your days of clumsily hacking your way through the songs that saved our lives are numbered.  (Statements like this are exactly why they never let me have a mic on stage.  The views expressed here are not generally endorsed by the whole band.  Just me.)

While I’m in a militant music mood… and this is kind of a last-minute addition to this blog… I happened upon Tiger Army’s MySpace profile tonight.  I was reminded of why I don’t like them: they amount to kiddie punk along the lines of Blink 182 and Good Charlotte.  I’m sure they wouldn’t like to hear that.  I’m sure they fancy themselves tough psychobilly types.  This is where the Reverend Horton Heat comes in.  Now, I know there are a ton of people out there who go nuts for Tiger Army (including at least some of my own friends).  Some of their fans go so far as to get the Tiger Army logo tattooed on them.  I would just like to remind you all how ridiculous you are.  If I were in Tiger Army, I would be embarrassed to play out in public knowing that the Reverend is still alive and kicking.  You guys are not even in the same building.  Long live Jim Heath and Jimbo!


I should also mention the Reverend is headlining the Troubadour in West Hollywood just about a week after we are.  That’s right, bitches.

I know, I know.  It’s my same old my-taste-is-better-than-your-taste rhetoric.  I just like to spew it sometimes.  And I know how this must make me sound.  I could pretend for all of you that I don’t really feel these feelings, but I don’t think my therapist would approve.

OK, I’ve removed my combat helmet.  It was messing up my hair anyway.

I got some news today that more or less answered my career prayers.  When it’s written in blood, I’ll share the details.  But I believe the last month of stress has paid off.  The (more or less) ideal situation has happened for me once again, it seems.  Hopefully putting this stress behind me will allow me to cease neglecting my friends as I have been lately.  I’m finally reaching out to them again.

I had my company’s holiday party last weekend.  Since we’ve been acquired by HP, this will undoubtedly be the last party of this sort for Mercury.  Plans to go with Taylor last year fell through last minute, but I’m glad I made it to this one.  It was at SF’s city hall, and it was fully stocked with an open bar and a ton of food.  Sushi as far as the eye could see (which didn’t do much for me, but everyone else in the building seemed pretty thrilled).  Dozens of giant balloons fell from the rafters in the main hall while our former CEO gave his speech about what a great thing the acquisition is and yada yada.  I got to speak freely with several coworkers and meet their spouses.  I got to see several of them buzzed or drunk.  The 80’s cover act “Tainted Love” played the event, so there was no shortage of opportunites to dance to “Video Killed The Radio Star” or “We Got The Beat.”  It was a casino night too, so we got to play some blackjack and chat up the dealer a bit.  There were feather boas and top hats floating around too which may or may not have made their way onto my person at some point during the night.  I got to wear my new suit.  Jen got to wear her new dress.  She is the best person I know to go to formal events with.  She was born for them.  The whole thing reminded me a lot of prom.  A lot.

All in all, life is turning less and less like I had expected.  Less and less like I planned.  I’m happy, and yet I find this fact depressing.  Add it up.

“You know that I want your loving,
But Mr. Logic, Mr. Logic tells me it ain’t never gonna happen!
And then my defenses say well, I… I… I didn’t want it anyway
But you know, sometimes I’m a liar.”

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  1. I loved prom! Now I’m just older… SO glad you thought of me to be your date! You are a very good date–roses, white tie, heated seat in the car, and everything! Quite impressive! BTW, who taught you how to dress so nice? ;o) And the sushi–DELISH!

  2. Hey… wanna hear something crazy?

    Mona went to that Tenacious D concert you went to. Small world.

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