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I Just Want To Say… I Haven’t Been Away

7 November 2006

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Yes, I am on the road once again.  But this will be the last time.  I’ll explain more in a bit.

I have neglected to write lately, so there is much to catch up on.  First off, we had our big Halloween show at the Rockit Room.  The band dressed up as the droogs from “A Clockwork Orange,” and I had the pleasure of stuffing myself into white thermals, suspenders, and a jockstrap on the outside of my clothes.  Something more akin to the Michelin Man than a droog, but c’est la vie.  It was a great night though.  A ton of good friends were on hand, many in costume.  Most notable were Sus and Shel, who both dressed as me, complete with pomps, sideburns, toothpicks, combs, chain wallets, jeans, chucks, and scowls.  Is it wrong that I was even more inclined to make out with them when they resembled me?

And then of course there was Halloween itself, where we watched Nikki get married at the Cat Club, then watched her play bass in her wedding gown along with the rest of Japanese Baby (guest-starring our own Ozzolini).

Last weekend had some good concerts, thanks to our beloved Sus (as usual).  I got to see Scritti Politti on what was apparently their first ever U.S. tour.  It was… bizarre. He sings in the same voice I use when I’m doing my uncanny impression of a pansy.  Then on Saturday we got to see the Eagles Of Death Metal (still as sleazy as ever) and then Joan Jett!  She looks as good as ever, and though her band consisted of burned-out punk clichés, they did play every song I think I’d ever heard from them.  It was lovely.  We ended the night with a brief trip to New Wave City.

I was looking up high school classmates on MySpace the other day.  I would just like to say that so many of you fuckers turned out exactly as you deserved.  The assholes ended up with six kids and live in a trailer park.  Maybe that makes me a petty asshole to say that or feel that way, but I don’t care.  I knew you were headed that direction back when you were just a little punk, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Band practice has been amazing lately!  I won’t give away any secrets, but new songs, new styles, and new surprises are coming your way soon.  I have a renewed fire for the band, and I am looking very forward to unleashing all of the new plans on you over the next few months.  Our next show takes us up to the North Bay (Santa Rosa to be exact).  We’ll be playing with For The Masses and Japanese Baby, so North Bay fans, don’t miss this rare opportunity to see us all together and in your neck of the woods!

I finally got to see the documentary “Is It Really So Strange?” which aims to explain the connection between SoCal Latinos and Morrissey.  I saw the usual San Francisco Moz fans floating around there, which is to be expected.  Jared, Sus, Shel, Nick, and even Jem were there to share in the learning.  We got to meet the film maker, and I certainly appreciated his work.  However, some members of our SoCal rivals appeared in the film.  With them, I was not impressed.

Speaking of Latinos, I have a very white friend who claims to have a special connection to them.  I imagine that she fancies herself a sort of “Aquaman” of Latinos.  Like somehow she can communicate with them in a way that I could never understand.  That she could somehow summon them out of the woodwork like fellow gang members in West Side Story.  I remain unconvinced.  Gringa tonta.  🙂

So I officially work for HP now.  The acquisition was finalized today.  I think I shared my feelings about this previously.  It looks like good news for my fellow employees, by and large.  It’s not a PeopleSoft/Oracle kinda thing, so I’m not too worked up about it.

But I am getting off the road.  I have finally put my foot down and let it be known that I will not travel for work anymore.  There are several reasons for this.  I don’t even want to get into it now, but I’ll say this: the last week’s events in my career have inspired me to do something I’d long been putting off.  I’m going to begin documenting/blogging my experiences on the road over the last four years.  I’m planning on doing it in the form of several vignettes about different perspectives on consulting and my more vivid memories of specific projects and teams.  I’m doing this for myself really, to help organize my many thoughts on the matter, as well as capture some of these memories before they fade entirely.  But if you ever wanted to know exactly what it is I’ve done for a living all this time, you’ll soon be getting more than you’ll ever want to read on the subject.

By the way, the quote of the week comes from The Village:

“Sometimes we don’t do things we want to do so that others won’t know we want to do them.”

How true, how true.

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