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Let’s Kill Uncle

22 October 2006

CONVERSION NOTICE: This is one of 250+ blogs that originally appeared on MySpace. I’ve done my best to represent it with as much historical accuracy as possible, but there are limitations. Read about it in the FAQ.

Current Mood: nostalgic

I’ve been seeing lots of friends lately, which is great.  I caught the Decemberists with Sus, Orlie, and Nick the other night at the Warfield.  Pigged out at several restaurants including Bugaloo’s in the Mish (that’s the Mission District of San Francisco, if you’re not hip enough to know).  This place was just a few blocks from where Jared and I used to live.  Even now, I walk by it when I go to get a haircut.  It’s always crowded, and it always has hordes of hipper-than-thou indie types milling around out front.  Guys in pants two sizes too small, and messy-haired girls wearing satchels.  All standing around striking poses with cigarettes in their hands.  I have avoided this place until now, but Anna and I went there and I must admit the food was great.  And the staff was nice.  And knowing that I’m so much hipper-than-everyone-there made me feel at least a little better. Indie kid in your tight pants, you look ridiculous.  And comb your hair.  You animals.

Tangent Time: Aside from the simple and clear value system that was prevalent in the (at least romanticized) 1950’s, which fits nicely into my black-and-white lifestyle, another thing that attracts me to the 50’s / rockabilly aesthetic is the emphasis on hygiene.  If nothing else, we’re clean-shaven, our hair looks nice, and our clothes are clean.  We’re presentable.  You indie types, you look like you belong in your parents’ basement.

Oh, and last thing about current events — I had an all-day work meeting on Friday.  It’s no secret that HP is in the process of acquiring my current employer.  You may recall the Oracle-buying-PeopleSoft fiasco I lived through a couple of years ago.  Well this time around, I’m not as in love with my company, and I don’t hate the company buying us, and it’s not a hostile take-over.  I am looking at getting off the road (as I’ve been saying for months), but it will be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out.  I’m actually pretty optimistic.

So I was noticing how my jeans have been fading and I was in need of some new ones (dark indigo being crucial to my afore-mentioned aesthetic).  I went to jean store out on Geary that’s run by a family of very pushy Russians.  They try to sell you world peace, and they tell you you look handsome in everything you try on.  If it’s too small or it’s too big, don’t worry.  That particular style is supposed to fit that way.  It’s all the rage.

Well the point of my story is that I walked out with three new pairs, all different sizes, and two of which were the discontinued-but-ultra-cool “Type 1 Iconic” line from Levi’s.  I guess they’re made to look like a retro-historic design from the past, but to me, they look like little kids’ jeans.  But here’s the rub: these happen to be button-fly.  Now, I’ve never owned button-fly jeans, and they definitely take some getting used to.  In fact, my only past experience with the button-fly, and I’m being honest here, is taking them off of other people.  Consequently, I find that taking off my own button-fly jeans now reminds me of taking other peoples’ pants off, and by extension, sex.  The end result is that I feel particularly sexy when taking these new pants off.

You probably didn’t need to read all that.

In other news, I’ve been getting an increased number of emails from strangers recently.  How did all these people get my email address?  And more importantly, how did they all know I’m impotent, hooked on Valium, in the market for a fast and easy mortgage, and have a pecker that’s 3-5 inches too short?  Have they been reading my diary?

Halloween is coming up, and I’m excited.  I usually don’t dress up, but after the success of last year (Taylor and I went as Wednesday and Pugsley), I am inspired.  This Saturday (10/28), This Charming Band is playing the Rockit Room with Stung, For The Masses, and Japanese Baby.  There will be a costume contest (and TCB will be dressing up as well), so come in costume for this night of Halloween pre-partying and tribute band mischief.

While we’re on the subject, have you looked at our upcoming schedule lately?  The Last Day Saloon, Popscene, New Wave City, Slim’s, and the Troubadour.  That’s a pretty impressive lineup, wouldn’t you say?  And we can thank Nick for booking it.  Fucking rock stars, I tell ya!

In closing, I was contacted out of the blue this week by someone I used to date.  In fact, I’d not talked to this person in about seven years.  MySpace, you are too cool.

“Found, found, found…”

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One Comments to “Let’s Kill Uncle”

  1. When those stranger contacted me about my short pecker, I directed them to you. I was trying to keep that private, but now you’ve let the cat out of the bag *mew* that you’re communicating with them. Once you sign up, I get that discount for my enhancement operation so hurry up.

    Button-fly. It’s a myth that you have to undo the buttons one at a time. Pull out and down in one swift motion. I tell you because it’s not only great when you need to reach the contents behind the buttons , but when you need to pee.

    I should also mention that you conquered a couple of things last week – sitting in the Vietnamese restaurant while we ate (where’s the bathroom btw?) and LTB. Nuff said.

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