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Da Bears…

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7 Comments to “Da Bears…”

  1. Thanks for a great weekend! This Biatch has not clue how to get pics off her phone or you would be getting nice pics of you snoozing (fortunately no snoring) during Beck. I did hear some weird sleep talking about a book and highlighters however…

    Do you think we can get our own reserved table at Boulevard Cafe now? I think my waiter would allow it…

    Have fun in Chi town! Look out for mullets and everyone wearing running shoes with club attire… Weiner Circle is not to be missed and the best view of the city is from the John Hancock’s women’s bathroom. 🙂

  2. Regarding the “mood” thing on these blogs – My Family Arsenal bandmate Adam pointed out something funny on these “moods.” Two of these moods are “Thirsty” and “Hungry.” Adam said “I use to think these were survival instincts but they’re really just moods. Next time I’m hungry or thirsty, I’m just going to wait until I get over myself…”

    Sus contacted the guys I jammed with at Shoreline – “The Chesterfield Booty Trio” (their full name) via Myspace and they said to Sus about me:

    “Dude, that dude rocked!!!”

    In downtown Chicago – on the lakefront – if you have time,check out Oak Street Beach. It was one of the first places I ever got drunk as a youngster while growing up in that area.

  3. This is sad. There was music this weekend and I was hardly involved.

    The texts were arriving in flurries and filling my Inbox so I was deleting them after viewing, but I did save the one of you snoozing during Beck. I’ll be nice and not post that one here. Some things should be reserved for stories handed down generation after generation. “Grandpa, tell us the story bout when you fell asleep during Beck at Shoreline!”

    I can bring you a lovely Scissor Sisters photo. Their bid farewell after we saw, what?, four songs? Sorry, my f**k up. Won’t happen again. So embarrassed. Amateur on my part really. I’ll be much more careful w/The Killers tix.

    Hmm, and now that I read back and realize I’ve been called a bitch, maybe I should post your Sleepy Beck photo!!!

    I need to bag on you guys early more often only because it’s entertaining to hear three different perspectives of the goings on. It was like I was there, but laughing AT you all and not just with you…

    Puppets. I missed puppets. Boo. Please tell me you didn’t do your G.I. Joe chant AT Pop Roxx.

  4. The Queen is Jessica

    I read Haunted when I was flying to Nicaragua. I almost barfed in the plane seat when I read the chapter about the intestines….OMFG.

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