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Well, we’ll float on… good news is on the way.

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I hate cameras.  More on that later.

We had a couple of great shows the last two weeks.  The first was at the Blackthorn Tavern.  This place was full of drunken, rowdy types which had us all on edge at first, but after a few minutes of playing, we relaxed I think.  The stage was so small that three of us had to play on the floor.  This would not have been an issue were it not for the drunkards coming up and taking things off stage, stepping on pedals, and strumming our guitars during songs.  Highlights include getting to play “Girl Afraid” for the first time (my hands were shaking for the first time since our early shows!), Orlando going solo acoustic on “Boxers,” and meeting 2/3 of local surf band The Lava Rats.  Nice gents.  Looking forward to seeing them play soon!

Then of course was our biggest show ever at Slim’s!  This is a venue I’ve seen several big acts at, and it was truly an honor to get to play there.  Another surreal experience that I could not have imagined a year ago.  Of course the stage was huge.  We had plenty of time to set up and soundcheck.  Each band on the bill (others were Zoo Station and Tin Man) had their own green room.  Free (vegetarian!) food and drink.  To keep tuning time down, and because we had the room, I brought along four guitars.  While it was a hassle, it was worth it and I was glad to get some stage time with “Denial.”  Several friends (old, new, and some very unexpected) came to see us, and one band friend filmed the whole show for us!  We have some new mp3s from the show up on our site and MySpace.  The show itself went great, and the feedback was all tremendously positive.  The Smiths/Moz fanatics all already know about us, but now we’re finally reaching the masses, and we seem to be going over pretty well.  Zoo Station was super nice and complimentary towards us, and they put on a hell of a show themselves.  We’re looking forward to working with them again.  There’s lots I’m leaving out, but I will bore you no more.  The short version: a night to remember.

OK, SoCal friends: as previously promised, This Charming Band is returning this weekend for a second mini-tour which will include Club Addiction, The Derby, and Club London.  Look back at my blogs in April to see how much fun our last trip was.  This time around, we’re more well known, we’re a better band, and hell, we’ve got some shirts to sell.  I expect to see each and every one of you there.  Old friends of course, but there are several MySpace friends that I have yet to meet in person.  So come on down and introduce yourself!  (Just to warn you… I’m bad at recognizing people from pictures sometimes, so if you see me and I don’t acknowlege you, it’s not that I’m an asshole.  I just may not be sure if it’s you.  So be forward and say “hi!”  I want to meet you!)


So I have this friend… we’ll call him “This Charming… Glenn.”  And he’s been travelling to Phoenix/Scottsdale a lot.  This is the story (in his words) of what happened to him last night:

So I think I got my first speeding ticket last night.  I have never even been pulled over for speeding in my life, and I like to think that it’s because I have a good sense of when it’s safe to speed and when it isn’t.  And by “safe” I mean both safe and safe from attracting the attention/ire of the police.  Well it turns out they cheat around Scottsdale.

I’ve always been aware that Arizona drivers all fly down the highway whenever possible.  Last night, I noticed everyone seemed to be driving very slow, and I couldn’t understand why.  The thought even crossed my mind that they must know something I don’t know, and yet, I broke my own rule and allowed myself to be far and away the fastest driver on the road.  After a 20 minute highway drive, just a few hundred feet before exiting, I was blinded by a flash that seemed to come from all directions.  Instantly, I began to remember having heard something on Phoenix news a while back about new traffic cameras.  A sinking feeling filled my gut as I pulled into the hotel, cracked open the laptop, and begin to research this.  All signs point to this: I was nabbed going 15mph or so over the limit by an automatic and very accurate traffic camera that has most likely gotten my license plate and a mugshot.  So I guess I may be getting a little unwelcome something in the mail in a few weeks.  Hopefully not.

I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t think this is a great way to help stop speeders, but what the fuck?  This takes the whole art of avoiding cops out of the process.  I mean, if they can just put up cameras anywhere, what am I supposed to do?  Never speed?

Now I’ve done a bunch of online research that has given me advice ranging from just pay the ticket and go to traffic school in CA to avoid points on my record all the way to ignore any letters I get, play dumb, and since they can’t prove I was served, I’m off the hook.  What to do?  My current questions:

1) Will the fact that I was in a rental change anything?
2) Will the fact I live out of state change anything?
3) Will the fact that this was “business travel” change anything?
4) Will nature make a man of me yet?
5) A fine is fine… I just don’t want DMV points.  Do I get any for this?  If so, are they transferred to my home state’s DMV or is it left in AZ?  And if so, can I take local or online traffic school and have it apply in AZ?

Anyone have any experience here?

You may have heard that the great Johnny Marr has pretty much joined Modest Mouse full time.  Now one friend of mine tells me how she liked them before they were big and they used to be great and now they suck.  Another friend of mine generally has great taste in music, but I hear she hates Modest Mouse.  I gotta say, I think this is a good thing.  Johnny working with a quirky band like that… maybe we’ll get something out of it along the lines of his collaboration with Talking Heads.  High hopes, I know.  But listening to “Good News for People Who Love Bad News,” I can definitely hear a place for Johnny.  I’m excited to hear what they come up with.  I hope someday I can just call up Johnny like that and get him to play on my album.  Holy moly!

I have to come clean about something.  Everyone has one instance (and usually several) of a song that affects them in some really trite and melodramatic way.  Well, here’s mine.  I’ve found that “Float On” has near-magical powers to relax me in times of extreme stress and uncertainty.  When I’ve been worried about some kind of life stress or unexpected crisis, the first few tracks of this album and specifically “Float On” really help to put me at ease.  Yeah, that’s right.  I said it.

“And we’ll all float on
Alright, already we’ll all float on
Alright, don’t worry even if things end up a bit too heavy
We’ll all float on…”

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4 Comments to “Well, we’ll float on… good news is on the way.”

  1. You’re in Penix. Again. And let me take a guess as to what you did yesterday “on site” at your client’s office:

    1) Researched AZ and CA dmv and rental car internet sites about speeding tickets, traffic school and points.
    2) Asked everyone who would answer you about speeding tickets, traffic school and points.
    3) Listened to the recordings from Slim’s. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
    4) Posted an ad on morrissey-solo and then monitored it like a proud papa ready to pound on trolls.

    Modest Mouse is one of the musical horrors in performance history. Second only to Zila, the offshoot of String Cheese Incident that Jem duped me and Heather into seeing last year. “Float On” was actually a song I enjoyed until I saw Modest Mouse at Download Festival 2005 and wanted to find hot pokers to sear through my ear drums. I have memories of texting back and forth w/Joel and Heather from across Shoreline Ampitheater over the bad music misery of it all. Taking pictures of ice cubes that glowed in the dark w/Shel. And actually ending up w/quite a show as we got to watch a horny lesbian couple make out in front of us. Kinda like when we left Blackthorn Tavern the other night. I cannot help it. The lesbian couples do like to make out in front of me. I digress. Johnny Marr needs a mousetrap. Maybe some Mouse Ears for earplugs. He will need a More Than A Modest Miracle to pull off making this band sound better. I don’t doubt that he can do this.

    This Charming Ben, er Glenn: 2006 Poster Model for Speeding
    You know you’re hoping they’ll really just contact you to be their perfect hair model.

    I loved hearing “Girl Afraid”. This Girl Likey. Things I don’t like? FRED. I do not heart FRED. Or drunks ass girls walking across pedal boards and taking band water bottles. I also loved “Boxers”. Is that drunk guy still peeing in his pants after shouting that request over and over? There’s nothing like making a fan’s musical request a reality.

    I’ll try and say ‘hi’ to you this weekend. Hope you recognize me.

    • Aww, a return to form… a gigantor comment like the old days! As far as what I did yesterday while “on site,” well you know me far too well. It’s like you were there in the room with me! Honestly. Kinda spooky.

      Guess who the “friend of mine” who “generally has great taste in music, but I hear she hates Modest Mouse” is? I’m sure they’re sorry about the Download Festival. If MM were here, they’d say, “Baby, we know we hurt you in the past, but we’re different now. Give us another chance. We have Johnny now. We’re changed men. Come back to us.” Apparently, they sound like Barry White when they’re sorry? Come on, BFF. Give them another chance.

      Those lesbians by Blackthorn reminded me of the scene in “Monster” where they have their first kiss with Journey playing in the background. I stand by my statement that it was one of the most romantic moments in recent cinema.

      I don’t know about being on a poster, but Glenn does have great hair.

      Yeah, what was that? Of all the songs, he requested “Boxers” on the night Ozzolini just happened to be ready to play it? I think he was hired by our esteemed singer.

      Of course I’ll recognize you! You’ll be the Filipina in earth tones, right?

      • Dear Modest Mouse,

        I give you one last chance due to your recent acquisition of Johnny Marr. Don’t disappoint. Actually, don’t f**k up.

        Yours truly,


  2. From the expert…

    1) Will the fact that I was in a rental change anything? Yes, they may charge you as well.
    2) Will the fact I live out of state change anything? no.
    3) Will the fact that this was “business travel” change anything? no.
    4) Will nature make a man of me yet? no.
    5) A fine is fine… I just don’t want DMV points. Do I get any for this? If so, are they transferred to my home state’s DMV or is it left in AZ? And if so, can I take local or online traffic school and have it apply in AZ? Yes. CA. Yes.

    Actually, I don’t know if those answers are right… but I feel like I have enough experience and I SHOULD know! ;o)

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