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Benjamin: 1, Couch: 0

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I am not what you would call a “handyman.”  I don’t like to build stuff or fix stuff or saw stuff or paint stuff.  I’ve just never been the type who enjoyed getting dirty.  When my couch collapsed under the strain of my tremendous weight the other day, my first inclination was, of course, buy a new couch.  Well for whatever reason, I decided tonight to try to see if I could figure out what was going on with it.  Long story short, it turns out that my cheap IKEA couch had a malformed hinge that I could not fix with what I had, but with a screwdriver and a hammer, it is now relatively fixed and put together a lot closer to “correctly” than it was even the day Jared and I bought it.  I’m reminded of the primal sense of accomplishment I got when I first put all this IKEA furniture together.  There is something basic and male about the whole experience, but being a pansy, I can only barely relate.

This whole entry isn’t about couches.  In fact, that part’s over now.  This here’s a clean-up blog, where I go into a bunch of unrelated things that I’d been neglecting to share thus far.  The Cliff’s Notes, if you will.

The Hotel Utah Saloon on Thursday was great!  Now, it’s a small venue by our current standards, and I say that not to be a snob, but it’s just a fact that we’ve been playing bigger places mostly.  But we got a great turn out and played an awesome show!  We were the first of three bands, and everyone seemed to agree that the Utah is not a three-band-night kinda place.  Most of the room was filled up with gear and members of the two other bands.  Lots of friends were there including the Gang (including Sus, Tanya, Shel, Heather, Barrie, and even Taylor!) as well as a very unexpected appearance by Jen!  Thank you all who braved Hurricane Frisco that night to make it out… hope you had as much fun as we did!

Also, special thanks to those of you who threw panties on stage.  You know who you are.  I was able to pick up three pair…  that’s like a weeks worth of undies for me!  I was all worried I was going to have to do laundry when I got home and like mana from heaven… BAM!  Clean pairs of leopard-print panties fall into my hands.  Literally.  These exciting pairs of ladies’ undergarments were launched at us in the middle of the set, and the crowd suffered a few clam notes from me thanks to the silky black thong that landed in my right hand while I was playing.  I got wise and was able to dodge the rest before they could bury me.

Our upcoming L.A. mini-tour is going to be so much fun.  Anyone planning on checking it out?  I heard rumors of Sus/Shel and possibly even Taylor?  I know my SoCal friends will come out to support.

I believe I’m in love with that new Gretsch I got… it sounds like what Gretsches are supposed to sound like.  I was instantly comfortable with it, and it looks even better in person than I had hoped.  You might just get a peek at it yourself at a near-future show.  We’ll see.

This weekend, I also had the pleasure of attending Sus’ sister’s wedding.  A beautiful venue in the East Bay hills.  A lovely family, good company, and a Girl Scout cookie snuck in here and there when no one was looking.  As well as this fine image, capturing me in a rare appearance in a suit:

I’m working on the 25th floor of a skyscraper in downtown San Francisco this week.  My dream of working in downtown SF is finally, though temporarily, being realized.  I’m getting a chance to see if I’d really like it, but so far, I really like it.  The hustle and bustle of people on Market Street in the morning.  The whole city seems to be buzzing with energy.  And it is wonderful.

Has anyone ever seen that movie from a couple years ago called “Frequency?”  I remember I saw it in the theater and thought I need to go home and hug my dad.  Well, I saw it on TV the other afternoon, and I was blubbering at the end.  I can barely even think about it without getting all misty.  The ultimate father/son movie, hands down.

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9 Comments to “Benjamin: 1, Couch: 0”

  1. If you need some additional structural support to hold up your couch, I’d be happy to lend my bridesmaid’s dress. Now that prom is over, don’t think I’ll be needing it.

    There are a couple stories to tell about Thursday night at Hotel Utah. First, let’s start with the panties. Only one pair of panties was sniffed that night…by two men. I knew it would happen eventually, BF and BFF would just get rid of me, the middle woman and there you go.

    I hope you washed those hand-washed delicates when you got home, cause you never know where they’ve been…

    You can see Shel pointing, but I can almost hear her shouting, “Look at the panties all over the floor you jackasses!”

    Then there’s the story about the Guiness balloon that seemed to be attacking you and Orlie.

    Never fear, Nut Job took care of it in the end:

    We’re still waiting for No. 10 on the list. It was our hand-picked panty-throwing theme song, but it truly was another grand show:

    It’s no April Fool’s Day Joke, expect to see two gals from The Gang at 80’s Club Addiction.

    Does your Gretsch sound

    • Sigh. Once again. My thoughts threw up in the form of typing too much via my fingers. To complete my lengthy commentary…

      Does your Gretsch sound like it’s missing the ‘s’???

  2. please return my panties that i threw on stage when you get a minute. mine is the leopard print thong with lacey frills, extra extra large.

    i need them back asap…. for… something.


  3. The Queen is Jessica

    Every single time I read your blog about someone throwing panties on stage, I instantly get grossed out thinking they are soiled. I have a dirty mind.

  4. Pistol Packin' Mama

    i could have had that couch like new like that *snaps my fingers* i love getting dirty 😉 i’m happy to hear the show went great… but so far i’m seeing that all the shows are fantastic! and i cant wait to see for myself when you come down to l.a. i hope i get a chance to chit chat with you… i’m sure you’ll be a busy boy with all your friends down here… well i hope you have a wounderful rest of the week…and i’ll talk to you soon.

  5. Pistol Packin' Mama

    and let me add… you look very handsome in that suit

  6. OMG! I had the same reaction after first seeing “Frequency” in the theatres, and then I saw it a few months ago, and had the same reaction!

  7. I must add the best quote from the night of the wedding: “Hey, cool hair man. Are you a jazz musician?”. Now, if he really considered the situation, #1 he would realize that he is a jackass. #2 he would have noticed that the “jazz musician” was the only one at the wedding wearing a hat. #3 he is a jackass. That hat should have been mine.

    The rumors are true. LumberJill and MoonsOverMyHammy are road trippin.

  8. Uh, excuse me, but where is the purple suit?! It didn’t die did it? It didn’t die a violent and horrible and purple-tear-stained death did it? I sure hope not. Too many memories. What was that? This event wasn’t suitable for a purple suit? I beg to differ. That suit saw many formal occasions. Not JUST Planet Hollywood. I demand a return of the purple suit.

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