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Silence Is Golden

7 February 2006

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3 Comments to “Silence Is Golden”

  1. What could you possibly have had at Olive Garden to get out of there so quickly? Maybe you showed up after the Early Bird Special cause that’s when the big rush is what with all the elders in AZ.

    Shel and I might follow the the band around in L.A. Kinda like documentarians but without the documents. But not as roadies or groupies either. Could be, it’s really you guys that will be following us around.

    If your voice is gone, then you can’t teach. You need to come home. Come home and find your voice. 🙁 Please.

  2. The Queen is Jessica

    I dislike eating alone. It makes me feel pathetic. 🙁 If I was there, I would eat with you!

  3. Let me guess….

    Fettucine Alfredo??

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