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Petals Upon Pedals

29 January 2006

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9 Comments to “Petals Upon Pedals”

  1. Yawn. Stretttccchhh. Morning? I guess I am living the life of knowing rock stars? We need to work on our groupie signals cause you can hurt someone w/the ‘Same As It Ever Was’ Arm. Btw, this symbol : <3 actually makes me think of Orlie checking out Shel's ta ta's.

    Another Popscene ref. Total B.S. Before. Sus. I'll allow it as it is your blog. Thx for breakfast. Just Water please. Really quite tired now. Dancing to my knees makes it quite trying to walk w/out feet.

    Ryan Seacrest is interviewing Jake Gyllenhall on tv right now for the SAG awards and said he must be BFF with Heath. Makes me wonder…since you are my BFF, is there some reason I got the "Hand In Glove" dedication? I didn't know we were gay cowboy lovers. Am I in the Erasure profile by mistake? Regardless, I'll never miss a 1st set again. Girl Scout Cookie Seller Promise

    You are not gushing like a 12 year old girl. Cause then your blog would be 'Bouncy'. Future show-hopping to be had. Some bouncing required and possibly Lumber Jack log rolling.

    Your B.S.E. – Best Show Ever. Getting better w/each moment on stage. Sorry I missed Orlie rolling on the stage. Sorry I missed each note and chord of the 1st set. I hope the pedals are well. And the twins. The guns if you will.

  2. This is her right? We’ll find her! Never leave a BFF single. See how she’s gazing at you?

    If I couldn’t be there for the 1st set, at least I know what you played all night…

  3. Woo hoo!! I made the blog!
    We had a great time, I wish that we could have stayed and had Dennys too, my tummy was growling!
    The DJ was kick ass! Played everything I could dance to.
    But we will catch y’all soon…. soooooon! And much singing along will ensue.

    ps.. It’s always good to sound like a 12 year old girl

  4. The Queen is Jessica

    Wow, your life is flying by and I am missing it. I am so sad. *cries* I am glad that you had a good show. I cannot wait until you come to LA.

  5. I must say that the blog left me a bit misty eyed. What a great night! Family is exactly the right word for it. How amazing is it to find friends new and old all together for one common love and of course those irish single-alongs.

    Thanks again for breakfast and for allowing us a proper viewing of the twins. Table for 5! And I am still envious of a man who looks better than me in a tight coral jacket. Who knows what can happen when the ta tas are actually out! I will always remember last night as my lincoln town car pulls up for my ride to the airport.

    Looking forward to many more shows and continuing to share our differing tastes in music! 🙂

    Highlight of the night: during the second set looking at Sus and with my so much less than experienced Smiths’ assessment asking her “they seem to be doing the Smiths justice. Do you agree?” Her answer: “a big smile and one word, yes…”

  6. Jeremeeeeezzz Gurl

    awwwe, name in the blog ***blushes*** anyway, I had a great timr. I was happy to see the club was SO small, it was easy to get up front. I usually have to meet one on 3 criteria when i go out. 1)drink a lil bit. 2)dance a lil bit 3)see sum live music…….so sat night, i pretty much met em’ all. Thanks-Rebekah

  7. Hello dear friend. I was (sadly) one of the drunken girls from the line:

    “A few drunken girls later stumbled over to me to inform me that they were in the midst of a Sparks drinking binge. Good luck with that.”

    We enjoyed the show and are sorry you may not have enjoyed us quite as much. We hope you enjoyed San Jose/The Blank Club enough to come back again despite our shenanigans. 🙂

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