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First Mopefest Of 2006

23 January 2006

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5 Comments to “First Mopefest Of 2006”

  1. The Queen is Jessica

    Aw, I’m sorry you are feeling like this. I feel like this everyday, hence, why I am medicated. This too shall pass…

  2. Sounds like you could use a hug!

    Get this…..depending on who you ask, today could be one of 2 days that is the most depressing day of the year…..




    …..people were talking about this at work today too……I don’t know if this helps, but at least you’re not alone in feeling this way.

    I still think the answer may just be a hug 🙂

  3. I swear it’s not PMS, but today was one of those days that should be a Do Over. As far as I am concerned it is now Tuesday because I ended Monday in tears. And I’m all cried out like a bad Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam song.

    You ever sit there and everything moves around you at a fast pace and you can’t quite seem to catch up? Well perhaps so because I would say you did that today. Today I sat there and thought, “Is everyone but me working here?” Well, that one was true, but you get my drift.

    But definitely had bad voodoo everywhere. It went by painfully slow, but compared to a day in childhood, nothing was accomplished. No bikes were ridden. Pictures colored nor boo boos kissed. I’d take you shopping at Ikea, but it closed half an hour ago. Fuck.

    For this pain, I give you 2 Kudos. Count ’em 2 “They Don’t Mean A Thing” Kudos. Doo-ah Doo-ah Doo-ah

  4. advertisements have us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need. we’re the middle children of history, with no purpose or place. we have no great war, or great depression. our great war is a spiritual war. our great depression is our lives.

    we were raised by television to believe that we’d be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars — but we won’t. and we’re slowly learning that fact. and we’re very, very pissed-off.

    we are the quiet young men who listen until it’s time to decide.

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