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Things I Learned This Weekend

6 September 2005

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6 Comments to “Things I Learned This Weekend”

  1. The Queen is Jessica

    7) Empathy is priceless. A close friend saved my life this weekend if for no other reason than that she is as crazy as I am.

    Is this me?! Dare I think so?

  2. “1) Taking care of a dog is a big hassle. No matter how cute they are, they are ultimately dirty and they poop a lot. My cat-personhood is reaffirmed.”

    – – No joke! Dog’s seem to be just a huge hassle!

    “4) I am crazy… or else I am surrounded by people who are making me crazy… or else these people only have me convinced that I’m crazy.”

    – – But what’s normal?

  3. excellent points, old chum.

    however, while i used to hate lotion, i now use it occasionally to combat the increasing dryness i feel around my eyes and forehead after a day spend in the sun. concordantly, i’ve found that washing my hands immediately afterwards with aloe vera soft soap precludes the deleterious effects associated with lotion usage (e.g. getting lotion on things other than my skin in the brief time it takes for the lotion to set in). even so, i’m convinced that excessive lotion application will lead to drier and drier skin which will require more and more lotion to maintain normalcy.

    how insidious!

    • The Queen is Jessica

      Wow…um Ben, you’ve got an even more OCD friend than yourself! That is amazing! I wonder if he uses lotion elsewhere? Hee Hee.

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