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OuijaSpace, OuijaSpace, can you help me?

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Current Mood:  hot

It was 111 degrees today.  Now that’s nearly 50 degrees hotter than I like it.  50 degrees!  I don’t mean to harp on this, but I look around when it’s dark outside and feel the 100-plus heat, and I think that this must be what hell is like.  How could you live here and not be skinny?  I’m no rail, but there’s no excuse to be fat when you live in a place where you sweat 24/7.  Also, how could you ever have sex here?  Not me, because of course I never have sex.  But I mean other people.

So I need your help, folks.  I’m looking for suggestions for a name for our Smiths cover band.  I’m a fan of obscure titles, but here are the ideas so far.  Explanations are in parentheses if you need them.  Thoughts on these or any other ideas?

  1. Sorrow’s Native Sons (from Pretty Girls Make Graves)
  2. Kiss My Shades (from Hand In Glove)
  3. Caligula Blushed (from Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now)
  4. Boy Afraid (from Girl Afraid)
  5. Speedway Operators (from Rusholme Ruffians)
  6. Unruly Boys (from Barbarism Begins At Home)
  7. Celluloid History (from Frankly Mr. Shankly)
  8. Ten Ton Truck (from There Is A Light…)
  9. A Listed Crime (from Shoplifters of The World)
  10. Genius Steals (from etching on a Smiths single)
  11. The Hated Salford Ensemble (the ficticious/joke name the Smiths credited for the strings in There Is A Light.  In reality this was them on a keyboard.)
  12. Because We Must (long time quote seen on signs held up at Morrissey concerts)
  13. Louder Than Bombs (duh!)

Come on MySpace, don’t fail me.

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2 Comments to “OuijaSpace, OuijaSpace, can you help me?”

  1. The Queen is Jessica

    You are wrong. Biotch! The reason those people who lives in those states where it is effin’ hot are obese is because they do not leave their trailers, I mean, houses, where they have the air-conditioning running 24/7. Therefore, they never go out and do exercise. They sit inside and eat all day, like manatees. MANATEES!

    Anyway, I like Caligula Blushed, Sorrow’s Native Sons, and Unruly Boys.

  2. If you were white trash, you could be The Ten Ton Truckers. Trucker hats and all. But since you are most assuredly the antithesis of white trash, I like Unruly Boys. Goes with the rockasmithy that you all have.


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