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It was 101 degrees in Phoenix when I touched down tonight at around 9.  I finished Chuck Palahniuk’s Stranger Than Fiction during the flight.  That guy’s a certified genius.  I order you to read this book, but make sure you’ve seen Fight Club first.

OK, so three big pieces of news.  The first is that I may have a new roommate lined up for when Jared leaves next month.  An old friend who’s been trying to get out to SF for some time now.  I will reveal our mystery guest if / when it’s all confirmed.  That’s right, bitches.

The second thing is it looks like we (the as-yet unnamed Smiths cover band) may have found our bass player.  That completes the lineup, so look for shows before too long, folks.  Also went out with the singer and his girlfriend and friends.  They’re good people.  And hot.  Like me.

The third and final is that I got tickets to go to Hootenanny in a couple weeks.  No Reverend this time, but Link Wray and several others.  By the way, that is also right, bitches.

P.S.  My birthday is coming up next weekend, Sunday to be exact.  Anyone up for going out Saturday night?  We’re thinking about karaoke in the city or something.  Let me know if you’re interested!

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  1. The Queen is Jessica

    Is this person who is moving to be your roommate the same person that you told me about?

    Have a good birthday! I am going to be gone and will not be able to properly celebrate your birthday, but either way, have a good time…you OLD GOAT.

    Sorry, I cannot stop myself from being a MEANIE!!!!

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