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Always And Forever

CONVERSION NOTICE: This is one of 250+ blogs that originally appeared on MySpace. I’ve done my best to represent it with as much historical accuracy as possible, but there are limitations. Read about it in the FAQ.

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So my latest project involves a 4/10 work week… meaning I work Monday through Thursday for 10 hours a day, and then get Fridays off.

It’s Friday.

I’m off.

But I’m sitting in Livermore getting my car serviced and running other errands. But I’m not working, so I think this is still technically my weekend. The point is that I’m sitting here in BFE… on a laptop… connected to the internet and writing this… all for free. Checking my email in the boonies. I feel like Jared. How convenient is this? I love technology…not as much as Morrissey… but I still love technology…

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